Be Prepared on All Fronts With the Volvo S60

Finding a car that can help you be prepared on all fronts can be an intimidating task. This is where the Volvo S60 comes in—a unique popular luxury compact sedan, the S60 has plenty of features built-in that make being prepared easier than ever. As one of the most notable features of the car, the included Hill Start Assist technology allows you to never slip when getting out of parking spots that are on inclines. This is achieved by the brakes being held for an additional period of time after you press on them, allowing you to switch to the accelerator pedal efficiently.

You can also be conscious of your fuel consumption with the S60’s unique Start/Stop technology. You don’t even have to do anything to make it work—when your car stops, so will your engine! This makes it possible for you to never waste fuel at traffic lights ever again!

Want to see the Volvo S60 for yourself? Be sure to come to Mitchell Auto Group today for a test drive!

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