Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Features

It’s clear to see that Volkswagen hit it out of the park with the VW Golf GTI hatchback. This stylish compact is at the top of its class thanks to the base engine and performance features. Drivers who want fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance love how this engine is tuned. You’ll get 228 horsepower from the Golf GTI, which has a four-cylinder turbo engine. It’s simply the fastest compact car you’ve ever seen for the price.

You’ll also get front-wheel drive, six-speed automatic transmission, and responsive steering with this latest Golf GTI. The seven-speed dual clutch automatic or manual is also optional with the Golf GTI. The latest models received a bump in horsepower, so it’ll be clear to see the difference on the way during your commute.

The Golf GTI is simply the best compact car on the market. Why not see the deals and offers for the Golf GTI at Mitchell Auto Group? It’s the best location in Simsbury for new cars and customer service.



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