Features In The Subaru Impreza That Deliver Comfort

There are numerous features about the Subaru Impreza that make it a fun and safe car to drive in Simsbury. The EyeSight feature allows you to see what's around your car when you can't clearly see out of your mirrors. Automatic cruise control adjusts to your driving habits so that you don't have to keep stepping on the gas and the brake while you're on city streets.

The Bluetooth in the vehicle is one that is second to none as it features all of the latest updates that Mitchell Auto Group can help you arrange. You can connect your mobile device to the Infotainment system to view details of your phone on the navigation screen.

While accelerating, the Impreza doesn't have as much acceleration behind the wheel as some other compact cars on the market, but it offers adequate power for passing and driving at interstate speeds. The space in the vehicle is superb as well, which is beneficial if you have children or tend to carry a lot of cargo with you.



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