The New Subaru legacy & Its Dynamic Features

The Subaru Legacy is back in the spotlight and for good reasons. This popular mid-size sedan has been redesigned, and it comes equipped with many innovative features that will heighten your driving experience. Let's take a closure look.

The new Subaru Legacy comes equipped with a heated steering wheel as well as heated and ventilated front seats. There's a beautiful multimedia screen that's located in the center dash. This touchscreen provides graphic images that are finely detailed. The sedan's built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot allows for connecting to the internet with relative ease. In addition to that, there's a premium sound system that will produce concert-like audio. Subaru's Eyesight Driver Assist technology provides preventive safety measures by scanning all around the vehicle. There's even a Distraction Mitigation system that's built-in. Other features are 105.5 cubic-feet of total interior space as well as an Asymmetrical all-wheel drive system.

The new Subaru Legacy is a winner's choice. Hit us up today to set-up your next test drive.


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